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Rock Band Contest February 15th at Pluckers on Research!

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Jan 30, 2008 by David

For the over 1,000 people that attended on Guitar Hero contest last may at South Lamar, you know how much fun February 15th is going to be at the Research location.  For those who didn’t attend or qualify to play, here’s your chance.  We are going to be turning the dining room and bar into Austin’s wildest video game contest.  So many of you are asking, “What is Rock Band?”  If you are asking that question, you are:

a)  Too old to still play video games

b)  Not hip

c)  Someone who is 35 years old like me that thinks they are not too old to play video games

For the uninitiated, Rock Band is the latest video game for XBox and PS3 that combines the best of Guitar Hero along with drums and karaoke.  Honestly, this game is so good it is worth going out and paying $300 for a console and $200 for the game.  If you love music, but have never learned to play an instrument, this game is for you.

So our little contest will involve 20 teams qualifying via You Tube submissions to us showing us what their performance will look like when they hit the stage.  We’ll be posting the best of these videos right here at and based on the Guitar Hero videos we received last time, it is worth coming back to our website a few times over the next few weeks to check them out.  If you want more information, contact Marketing Guru Kristin Wollman at

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