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Win $100 Gift Card at Pluck Hunt!

We just launched our newest weekly game at Pluckers! We were all sad when we had to eliminate Wingo from the lineup but now we have something brand new, completely original, and even more fun! PLUCK HUNT! Pluck Hunt is scavenger-hunt style game you can play in your seat. Our host will ask teams to complete fun challenges and search for objects on their phones, the top 2 scoring teams and 1 randomly chosen team get to roll our giant dice for gift card prizes! 

Highest Roll = $100 gift card

2nd Highest Roll = $50 gift card

Random Participating Team = $25 gift card 

Thursday at 9:00pm


Rio Grande

Round Rock

South Lamar

The Linc

San Marcos 

Memorial City


Friday at 9:00pm



Oak Hill

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