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Wall of Flame Update

We’re relaunching the Wall of Flame challenge and it’s never been better. Back when we first introduced the challenge, we wanted to see how many Fire in the Hole wings you could eat. Our minimum amount to get on the wall was 25 wings and some of you went well past that amount. But after 27 years, we decided it’s time for a change and now, we want to see how quickly you can do it.

Our new Wall of Flame Challenge requires you to eat 15 Fire in the Hole wings in 15 minutes, and yes we will have timers running to make sure we know if you made the cut or not. If you succeed, you’ll get one of our new Wall of Flame Member t-shirts. If you fail, you go home empty-handed except for a scorched mouth and bruised ego.

Feel up for the challenge? Visit your nearest Pluckers today and order the new “Wall of Flame Challenge” menu item.